The sport with more followers every day. Ibiza boasts a variety of beaches where this sport may be practised.The best time to practice kitesurf in Ibiza, and cala Martina is between October and Mai.

To begin this sport, the experts recommend you take an iniciation course. Kitesurf is considered an extreme sport, so safety is paramount.

Equipment is explained and self rescue techniques taught, should the need to save yourself arise (broken equipment, fallen kite etc). This sport in inexpert hands can be dangerous.

Our course begins with theory covering equipment, security, flight window etc. Next, first contact is made. Practical exercise on land will help you discover and respect the force of the kite as you fly it within the various positions of the “window”.

On land you will also learn to take off, set down and release the kite. The final stages are completed in the water. “Bodydrag” is next up, where the kite is flown without a board dragging you along. This is a vital technique to learn, enabling you to recover a lost board or safely arrive on shore should your kite be damaged.

Finally, “waterstart”. This is where you combine the board with everything you have learned and hopefully have your first kitesurf journey.

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